adam and i never fight. well... we don't fight about normal couple things because adam is the bigger person in our relationship. in reality like my friends, he knows not to fight with me. i'm pretty scary.
adam mentioned yesterday, "how come you never do the dishes?" that's not true. sometimes i do the dishes. maybe because i never cooked (before moving to michigan) equals i never did the dishes? not sure what the reason is but i don't like dishes. never have.  my hands will get rough. the japanese older ladies always mentioned that my hands are so soft. my mom said my hands are of a person not doing work/chores. it's a saying in Japan.

is there a point to this story? i don't do dishes, adam is a wonderful person and i am the lucky one.

post edit: i left adam a lot of pots and pans for him to wash.


GoNinjaGo said...

I happen to know from experience that fighting with you is hella fun (for me)

sayaka said...

oh yeah, i forgot i used to fight with you..

sayaka said...

adam's response to this post, "why are you being so nice to me."


Anonymous said...

hahaha... i don't do the dishes. that's because, james think he does it better. (i made him think that, so i don't have to do the dishes) mission accomplish!

you're nice?

sayaka said...

you are brilliant!

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