Tampere: Day Two

I can't believe this is only day two. Finland is very relaxing and we crammed a lot of things in the two days so far.Today we visited the Lenin museum. The museum is just a room that used to be an apartment a century ago. This is the exact room that Lenin and Stalin met for the first time. Exciting piece of information for history buffs. I didn't take any pictures inside of the "museum" except for this creepy basket of toys. The sign reads, "you may play with toys." Very scary looking toys.
My mid-morning snack (danish pastry and coffee).
Vegetable stall at the Kauppahalli indoor market. One of Finland's best says the guidebook.
Adam bought apples, oranges and banana's to snack on.

Adam is doing his talk tomorrow in this room. Good luck Adam!
Snacks from the S Market (baguette, beer, proscuito, and brie).
Donut with banana cream filling.

We ordered Reindeer pate as a starter. It was pretty good. It tastes like sausage.

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