russia arrival

we made it russia after a 2hr train to helsinki from tampere (5:33am train), 6hr train from helsinki to st petersburg. it was a little scary arriving here. i think i read too much on st petersburg and safety. if i read a book on los angeles, it may say similar things about the dangers.
adam sleeping on the train. we were working on a few hours of sleep.me on the train. we moved to the back of the train so we can have our own row of seats.
there are no lanes and few signal lights on the streets! the taxi drive to our hotel was scary!
our first russian meal. it was sooo good. maybe a little too rich but i loved it. adam ordered a meat and beet soup called borsch.
i ordered a lamb, garlic, chili soup. really good.
adam's beef stroganov with potato croquette balls
my current obsession (caviar!) and crepes and blini's.
there is a mosquito in the room i am trying to kill. who knew mosquito's existed during the cold season.

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