clay wrote me today:
rom: Clayton James
Date: May 6, 2006 2:46 PM Flag spam/abuse. [ ? ]
Subject: hey...
Body: how is everything?!! i was just browsing mi tomodachi. you look skinny guurll. damn. nice. it was me making you eat shakeys that got u huh? you went to napa valley? never been, is it worth it? hope you are well.

he made me fatter because we were always eating out but he is also the main reason (actually only reason?) for my recent weight loss. i'm back to wearing my regular pants again so i'm pretty happy.

yeni's response to this was the best.

yeni: tell him to fuck off!
yeni: and tell him napa valley was way better than him

i love you yeni.. more than you know.

edit: i wrote him back saying that i hated him and he said he understood and that it would be good to see me and invited me to his show on the 20th (the girl isn't going to be there and he doesn't want me to fight her). i only went to see his crappy band play because of him.. why would i go to his show when i don't want to see him ever again? plus wouldn't it be weird if i went and i haven't seen those people in a couple months and i show my face again? he makes me soo angry! well, i am an angry person overall.. haha i really do need anger management.

should i say i don't want to see your crappy band play asshole?

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yeni said...

haha... yes. tell him that his band suck ass. and the only reason you went to see his show is coz you feel bad about how their band was really sad. then say... i'm too damn pretty and smart for your ass. so FUCK OFF!

there hahaha....

i love you even more. =)

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