wine country

mavis and i (along with four more cars filled with girls) headed out to temecula for some winetasting. i was up at 5:30am because i was so excited (haha).

the weather was a bit gloomy when we left socal but the time we arrived in temecula the skies were soo pretty (sorry for the blurriness i took this while driving).
some of the old wine cellers at Hart winery. the wine here tasted a bit woodsy.
mavis and i at wilson creek winery. this is a great place to have a wedding. someone from our group inquired and it is $110 per person just for catering.. i also bought some almond champagne from wilson creek to share.

i can't wait to go again and temecula was not what i expected it to be. i can't live there but it is a wonderful town to visit.

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