funny, my blog is turning into a "i hate clay" page. today i spent my whole day with marisa. we made plans to go to the oc swap meet for supplies. it looked like it was going to rain (the weather was this cloudy about to rain weather but the sun came out by 11ish. finished the meet and then headed to her friend robyn's house. she is the office manager at marisa's work and is so much fun. she smokes like a chimney and has the most wonderful stories. my favorite is the story about how she found her dream house. about 1:30ish we headed out to dana point for lunch at the harbor house. such a cute little diner. i had something called the belmont omelette and it was really tasty (spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, cheese), sourdough bread, fresh fruit. finished lunch and then headed to fashion island to return my wet seal shirt with the metal detector thing still stuck to it. called gigi to hang out but she was busy with the todders.

marisa and i decided to watch thank you for smoking which i wanted to see forever and i loved it. please go watch it. it's funny and brilliant. by the time we got out of the theatre it was cold so we headed over to mitsue (?) (its a shabu shabu place in downtown fullerton which is quite fun. reminisced about new year and the making out incident (haha) and about pervert greg (ewhhh).

these are a few pics i took the ride to the harbor house.. by the time we got there we were like a couple miles from san clemente. when you drive down the coast san clemente feels extremely close.. anyhoo.. better head to bed. i'm thinking about waking toshiro up tomorrow morning for a walk.

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