i've turned into a whiner

i hate you.

i seriously wanted to end it like 5 times already and we haven't been going out that long. haha long for me.

on another note ... i think i saw lonni. sort of. i went to the del amo mall saturday and i see a girl w/ a kid crossing the street. she's looking at me (well i'm about to run her over).. i drive pass her and look through my rear view mirror.. omg i think that's charmaine! i saw the backside of lonni and a little of the kid.. i think.. not 100% positive. but lonni was wearing a green sweater w/ yellow horizontal lines.


yeni said...

hahaha... it could be her.

dude, i thought i was gonna end mine too. yea... but i didn't.

sayaka said...

haha. sorry its not funny. but i'm seriously thinking about it. who would of thought i'd be dumping a boy for not hanging out wtih me enough.. but yeah. come to la and lets do soul food.

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