bridal shower

saturday i went to a coworker's bridal shower. i had breakfast with clay at this hawaiian place everyone loves in culver city. eggs, porteguese sausage and rice, plus a side of french toast and some kona coffee? heaven.

anyhoo... i got home at 12:20pm and took a quick shower, got dressed for the bridal party. we all met at my coworker kanako's apartment in playa del rey. her apartment is super cute! we had a small party with lots of dessert, terimisu, chiffon, you name it. at 5pm we got ready and i got my hair done by my coworker kanako and yuuki. we had reservations at Cinch in santa monica. we all shared all sorts of appetizers and i ordered filet mignon for my entree. we all had champagne called piper from sonoma (that's where she is having her wedding) and some australian white wine which i can't remember the name but it was really good. i was too stuft for dessert but i had their coffee which had this particular taste.

we all left the restuarant at 9pmish and i called dan back.. i drove to north hollywood where gertie fox was mixing their new record. at around 11pm joe, dan, and i head to vine bar. we hung out upstairs in the bean bag room. it was dark, everyone was smoking (my clothes smell sooo bad) and their was this strange girl who was showing her crotch to the world (was she attractive? no.. she was lanky and gross). as we were leaving we spotted alex greenwald of phantom planet (he's kind of an ass) and meg white of the white stripes.. now i have a girl crush on her even though i hate the way she drums.. she looks a little old in person. be jealous.

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