whirlwind weekend

so a few weekends ago i went to two weddings in two different states with two finals (one before and one after).  it was a pretty intense but awesome weekend.  i was in los angeles for 48hours and portland for 24hours.

dinner with family. just my brother and elena. my mom was in Japan for her brothers funeral :(
 i got to do a brief lunch at santouka with yuuki and mavis.

 wedding #1 (christle and jeff in costa mesa)
 christle's ruffles
 until next time LA.
 i love palm trees so ugly but so cool.
 wedding #2 (ian and jessica @ voodoo donuts) the coolest wedding i've been to. comes close to my wedding ;p
 adam and the bride. jessica is adam's pal from columbia.  she's my hero. she has three masters degrees and one is in library science. i got so drunk.. at a wedding i don't know anyone...  made some friends and ended up in the saltwater pool..
 portland by far has the best croissants in the usa.
 at the ace (my favorite of the three i've stayed at portland/new york/palm springs)
stumptown coffee.

we arrived in mount pleasant monday or tuesday at 1am. i worked on my final. i got a B for this class. i'm so mad! the teacher recruited me and i got a B!! argh. i'm posting this because no one will have pity on me. this is my first B ever at CMU. i'm so mad. never taking her class again!

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