weekend San Francisco

Last week we took a long weekend trip to San Francisco...

We were in town to celebrate sister Caroline's graduation from UC Berkeley!

She got us reservations at Chez Panisse the second night we were there.  Sooo tasty!
The ceremony was held at the Greek theatre.  Caroline is on stage (she won two awards)!
Profiteroles to celebrate a birthday and a MBA at Lalimes
We also checked out DeYoung Museum and the Gaultier Show.  This totally dates me but I was at this concert where she wore this bustier (my first concert).
On Sunday Caroline took us to Tomales Bay to go oyster shucking.  This was so much fun.  I wonder why seafood brings together ghetto people.  Am I an asshole for saying this?  I totally feel the same when I go to the Boiling Crab.
My first oyster ever shucked
last night there we went to Commis in Oakland.  I totally love their aesthetic. It was there Adam convinced me and the waitstaff to look directly at the sun (there was an solar eclipse) giving us headaches.
See ya San Francisco! Until next time?

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