my mom has two younger brothers just like me.  her middle brother was born with a heart defect.  he has many holes in his heart and was not expected to live past infancy. then the doctors told my grandparents he will die by age two, he won't live to be an adult, he won't have children.  he defied all the odds and is still alive with three girls.  he has been in and out of the hospital for a few years now.  last week, he went to the hospital because he was having heart pains.  the doctor told our family he will have one to two weeks left to live.  adam says 'if dick cheney can get a new heart' why can't your uncle? i'm sure the circumstances are different.

my mom heads to Japan next week.  i hope he will stay well until she can say her goodbyes or better yet, i hope it's just one of those scares and he gets better.my mom is sad but doing well.  we know life happens.

lately, there has been a lot of death or near-death occurrences. JC dying last week was so shocking.  i haven't talked to him in years (he messaged me a few times after they broke up)... so tragic. i hope his family and friends are doing well. :(

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