day two: nashville

we start our day brunching at marche artisan foods.  they are known for "taking you out of nashville for a little while."  adam orders the potato/pastrami hash and i order the special mushroom omelette.  i see a hip guy in all black getting out of a car. i think to myself that guy kind of looks like jack white. i look a little closer, it is him.

i tell adam, "don't look but it's jack white." adam loves jack white. he's been into him and the white stripes for a long time. he looks at me like "yeah right" but looks back out the window. he panics a little.  it was pretty funny.  he couldn't eat his food after he came in.  adam had the perfect view from where we were sitting.  karen elson joins the group after a little bit. she is one of my favorite models but looked really plain and small (not at all model-like).

oh yeah, we saw another psuedo celebrity.  all these tourists were going crazy and we see cameras... the couple from big world little people?  i dunno. i took a picture of i think i deleted it because i didn't know what it was..

photo: vogue

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