can i tell you about last night? (i should be working on my final projects but maritime is playing in the background so i'm gonna talk about it)

anyway, a few weeks ago, adam emailed me about maritime playing at this local (like a two minute walk) bar.  i don't believe that maritime would play in mount pleasant so i look it up.  maritime of the promise ring/cap and jazz/dismerberment plan was playing mount pleasant. omigod!

i don't know if i was in a bad place at the time but promise ring's wood water album was soo good. there are only a handful of albums i will continuously listen to.  todd calvert recommended maritime to me in 2005? we, the vehicles became one of my favorite albums of the year.  adam and i started dating and i gave him a maritime cd.

so last night adam watched a really tense/exciting usc v. oregon game.  we get to rubbles at 11:30pm. we head to the bar and adam buys me a pbr on tap, and a christmas ale for him. adam points out the lead singer of maritime is standing near us. he looks like a normal midwestern person.. so i don't believe him until adam points out that he is on all the posters. duh.

adam tells me to go talk to him. i say you do it. he says i am a girl, it's easier. i ask davey "can we buy you a beer?" he declines but he talks to us. like for a long time.  he loves college football (i think adam's eyes light up).. but he calls Lane Kiffen a virus (usc coach). ahha

anyway show was so awesome, we danced, they played their old stuff and later i talked to the other guys in the band and asked them to play LA and come back to MP. okay the end. :)

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