sucky mood

1. our save-the-dates are officially lost (to pay $400 for std's seems absurd!)

2. we are bridezilla/groomzilla

3. it's kinda hot here in mount pleasant

4. weddings are expensive. who are weddings for? i want to elope. adam says too late.

5. i suck at painting and graphic design.

6. there are more shit i want to complain about but why am i depressed?


sayaka said...

sorry. there are more problems out in the world.

Anonymous said...

1. they can't replace your order? f'in usps. they f us all the time. we use fedex.
2. you both are not that bad. trust me i've seen plenty of zillas
3. we're expecting 90's this week.
4. yes they are. it's for your family?
5. you'll get better!
6. breathe. :D

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