burnt fingers

i wanted to make some cookies today but decided not to. i burned my finger's yesterday while making cornbread (to go with the leftover jambalaya). i'm probably making a big deal out of nothing. sorry.funny thing happened on sunday. we went to a wilco show with adam's friend and his wife (marty and kristen). we decided to go early and eat greek food beforehand in lansing. we had a two-hour dinner because our entree's took over an hour to come out. we were getting ready to pay for our food and i see my art teacher. he was eating a table over with a girl, who looked like a student. haha. weird. that restaurant had three central michigan professor's in one room. okay, this story is probably not as funny as i think. sorry.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haha... three professors. did you say hi to your art teacher?

sorry about the fingers. i'm sure it's painful. my fingers are aching and sore from all the crocheting & knitting.

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