dear santa 2010

le crueset heart casserole. what will i use it for? not sure but i will. adam says i'm a gourmet chef now. :)
looking for a lens. what's a good one to start off with?

i want the camera part. i don't need an iphone yet but a fourth ipod would be neccesary?
i'm boosting the economy. that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it.


GoNinjaGo said...

4 iPods. dang, baller.
Btw, lens??? Did you buy that camera?? no wayyyy

sayaka said...

hoarder is more like it.

i think i will get it.. .i'm scared. big purchases scare me. you know that right?

weren't you around when i wanted to buy my first ipod? it took me a few years. remember when it was $300?

Anonymous said...

You're getting the 5D or 5D M2? Yay! Hmm, first lens... Get the 24-70mm. You can pretty much do almost everything with it. My favorite lens would be the 85mm & 50mm. You'd love them! As far as iPods, I have 2 nanos & a shuffle. I think thats enough for me.

ps. We got invited to a black tie nye party. If you both are up for it you two can be our dates. :)

sayaka said...

i think the canon 7d... but i am so not qualified to get such a nice gadget.. i'm nervous.

nye where?

sayaka said...

and thanks a lot for the lens help. i appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

nye in Venice. the host are husband and wife, she's a model and he's a reality producer. I think i've told you about them before. Let me know, I have to RSVP soon. :)

sayaka said...

sounds cool but i have to ask adam..

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