friday i drove down to orange for marisa's birthday shindig. we had dinner at gabbimex (www.gabbimex.com). they gave us tortilla chips and salsa before our entrees came out (they were so delicious we had 6 servings!). their signature drink is the pomegranate mojito (i had two) and it was just divine. we then headed out to O's for more drinks. I bought marisa her tradtional "the nastiest" birthday shot. We then headed to denny's to get some food in our system and to sober up. I started my trek home at about 230a in the pouring rain. super scary.

i drow to adam's the next morning to hang out. we had lunch at alegria on sunset. this place is really yummy. i also had their signature drink which is the coffee ollie. it is sweetened cinnamon flavored coffee and it was super tasty. that's the website for the menu:

i have this internal alarm clock that wakes me up every morning at 6a. i can go to sleep at 4a and i will wake up at 6a. i was soooo sleepy saturday after lunch i took a two hour nap. i woke up just in time for usc football. we ordered a pizza from nicky d's in atwater village and drank some beers. after the game we watched before sunrise and ate popcorn in our new bowl and drank wine.

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