we hung out in williamsburg like three/four years ago. we were not impressed.. but the cool kids and all of adams friends live in brooklyn. girls is set in brooklyn. so...brooklyn?

we were waiting in line for Rain (exhibit in the moma/reason i wanted to go to new york). the exhibit opens at 9:30 for members (we became members for this). the museum people told us to come early and line up at 8:30am. there is a cute boy (looks/dresses kind of like adam) and his mom who gets in line with us at the same time. he's lives in brooklyn, really nice and tells us where to go in brooklyn. anyway, me being a creeper that i am found him on instagram.  well instagram is the new facebook, right?

first we took the ikea ferry from manhattan to red hook. its free, easy and you get a good view of the city (statue of liberty/freedom tower, etc).  the ride is fun but made me a little nauseous.

he says we should check out a place called fort defiance in red hook. turns out our new friend works here!

the food and breakfast drinks were delicious! i think it was our favorite brunch of the trip.

we also checked out a few coffee shops/stationary shops/ record shops in the area.  red hook is nice.  not crowded at all and there is an ikea.

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