travel: new york

So last weekend, we took a kind of spur of the moment trip to New York city.  We realized we haven't taken a summer vacation with just the two of us for no reason trip. :)

The last time we were in new york was in 2009-2010 to buy my ring.

When I'm visiting a city, I get so excited every morning I wake up really early (5am).  Adam won't wake up till 10am at least (he's on vacation mode).  So we've started this new thing.  I wake up, have a coffee, croissant and go people watch.  I bring back a coffee and croissant for Adam.  We start our day.  This is my pre-breakfast (this is one of the many reasons I am so fat).

Another one of my pre-breakfasts at Le Pain Quotiden

We didn't have a schedule.  We ate and drank a ton, saw friends, visited museums.  Almost got Dan Ruhe to come visit. 

dream car

Remember my Dean and Deluca/ Felicity obsession? (this juice cost $7)

What's a trip to New York without an everything bagel?

I love the city.  I can't wait to go back.

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