When Adam travels to a foreign country, he always picks up a book about the country. Not a travel guide (well we buy a few of those) but a book written in the country we are visiting, etc.

Since we were visiting Morocco, his book was the Lemon by Mohammed Mrabet.
I on the other hand, like to read crappy girly books. Chick-lit.  It has turned into a tradition for sister Caroline and I.  In Puerto Vallarta we read Emily Giffin books.  She wrote Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a few others.  I read like four of her books in one week.

For Morocco, we both downloaded Fifty Shades of Grey on our electronic readers.  I was embarrassed to read those on the plane thinking the person next to me would know.  I read the book for five hours straight on a train ride.  I'm such a prude I can't believe I read those books. 

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