move to new york

do you remember my friend hiro? well, i went to his facebook page and he made comment's about new york being cold.. i called him a few days ago and he told me moved to forest hills with his girlfriend in december! lucky!

i told adam because i am super jealous. i wonder what life would of been like if we made that decision ten years ago? it would of been a very different life for us, huh?

adam said that new york is not that great. i'm going to believe him. haha.


Anonymous said...

haha... i don't believe him!

i wish i made that decision ten years ago. but then, we wont be who we are right now. no adam and no james. right? so, maybe it's for the best. we'll move there when we can actually afford our own place (in manhattan) hahaha... i just miss it.

sayaka said...

i noticed when i was in new york no one looked happy.

in mount pleasant, when i take walks, everyone says hi (even when i went for a jog, a fellow jogger said hi).

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