adam and i decided to take a drive to frankenmuth this weekend. frankenmuth is the little bavaria of mighigan. they have an oktoberfest every year.this is the christmas cookie adam bought at brommers. they are the biggest christmas store in the world! the cookie looks bad but tastes pretty good. combining our total, we spent over $120 on a christmas store. can you imagine?

my michigan guide says that we are supposed to eat at zehnders for chicken dinners or bavarian inn. we chose bavarian inn.
adam waiting for our traditional bavarian food. he's a little hungry= grumpy.
adam and i both tried their beer sampler:

bavarian inn dark beer- brewed exclusively for the bavarian inn. roasted malt produces the rich dark color. a perfect blend of mild hops and full-bodied malt flavor makes this an outstanding dark lager.

blue moon- a belgian-style white beer. crisp and clean, this unfiltered ale is served with the traditional slice of orange.

heidelberg light - a bavarian inn tradition since 1966, a crisp and refreshing american style lager. very light with a smooth finish, a perfect complement to food.

hofbau original - imported from the hofbrau brewery of munich, germany. this is the same german lager served in the world famous hofbrauhaus. enjoy, smile and be German........PROST!

our bavarian meal (it also came with a ton of sides)

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sayaka said...

food was gross.

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