journey to france

Our trip to France did not turn out as magical as I had imagined.

We started our day with a full english breakfast at our hotel in nottingham

We took many trains to get to Dover. Let me list them:

Train 1 To Nottingham to St Pancras Intl Railway
Train 2 to Brighton
Train 2 Transfer from London Bridge to Ashford

Train 4 Ashford to Deal Sandwich

Train 5 Dover Priory Shuttle to the P&O Ferry

It was an hour and a half ferry ride from Dover, England to Calais France.

One we arrive in Calais we are told that the last train left at 7:40p (it is 9:30now). Our only option is to stay overnight in Calais. We have a check in today in Paris.

We walk a few miles and decide to stay at the Victoria Hotel. We climb three flights of stairs(with luggage) to get to our room. The room is so old school, I too frightened to go to sleep.We arrived at the hotel at a little past 11pm.. making our journey to France 12 hours long!!

we decided to have breakfast at our hotel (baquette, cheese, jam, coffee). how french!

what is this for?


Prica said...

yes, paris is such a darling place to be, eat, walk, dance, see!!

sayaka said...

viva la france!

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