coastal trip so far

adam and i started our trip at 7a sunday morning (i wanted to leave at 5a..). Our first stop was in San Luis Obispo(we had breakfast and drove through cal poly university).

our next stop was elephant seals at piedras blancas. they are sooo huge! when one sits up, it is six feet tall! it really is an amazing sight! please excuse the exclamation points but it really was magnificent.

we then ended up in ragged point to fill up on gas ($60 gas), ran into a celebrity (one of the sweet valley high twins in a porche).

next up we hit the winding roads in big sur, giving sayaka car sickness because of the height and adam's fast driving (jk). we stopped at the henry miller museum and had lunch at nepenthe. thanks for the recommendation, it was sooo good! i had an ambrosia hamburger and adam had a cream of mushroom soup. For dessert we shared a apple pie a la mode.

we ended the night in carmel and proceeded our trip to monterey. we had another expensive breakfast at the fish hopper($72). we both had a cup of clam chowder and i order a risotto and adam had a halibut.

here's adam touching the water in monterey.

our last tourist attration of the day is the mystery spot in santa cruz.

*edit: turns out when we saw brittany daniel with a black guy at ragged point, it was keenan ivory wayans in her cayenne! haha.


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