its christmas!

christmas present giving/opening came early for adam and i this year. adam will be leaving for new york and oklahoma to visit his family, so we decided to open our presents this sunday morning. i received half of the things on my wishlist. i am so happy.

1. ipod nano in pink

2. chocolate covered uggs (super warm and for our upcoming big sur trip)

3. css cd (music is my boyfriend)

4. cute christmas socks

5. tom robbins-another roadside attraction

6. paris cafe cd

adam broke the bank for me this christmas when he is still a struggling phd student.

i got adam a few things. he didn't ask for anything this year, so he was a bit difficult to shop for.

1. laguiole knives from anthropologie

2. stella season one

3. 24 season six

4. sweater/shirt from gap

5. penguin shirt

6. dishes on sale from anthropologie

7. sideways dvd (we took a trip to solvang this year.. the movie has sentimental value)

:) i hope everyone is having a happy holiday.

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