so i made plans with adam to watch the usc v. berkeley game. yes. sayaka. watch four hours of college football. i went to adam's prepared (haruki murakami's sputnik sweetheart, two dresses to sew, my moleskin notebook filled with my thanksgiving list, french dictionary to pick up on a few new words).

i got to adam's late (because of usc traffic on the 110 fwy-jk because i was watching my mother croquette). we took a trip to trader joes to pick up on margarita pizza and sangria ingredients.

margarita pizza:

pizza dough (we bought wheat because it is much more indie rock than white dough)
salt + pepper
mozzarella cheese
olive oil

preheat oven to 425 degrees F
bake dough for 5 minutes
take out crust from oven and add ingredients
bake for about 5-10 minutes

one bottle of red wine
one shot of brandy

attempting to cook was lots of fun. i just bossed mr. mock around and he did most of the preparing.

next margarita pizza making attempt i think we should just use a mediterenean flat bread or something of that sort for the crust. the crust was good but not thin enough for the margarita.

thanksgiving dinner should be lots of fun.

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