i love my trips to disneyland.. i woke up late at 6:45am ( i promised marisa that i would be at her place by 7:15) but ended up in fullerton at 7:30am. we hauled our butts to the park and made it inside by 8:30am. i wanted to get there before the park opened but a lot of other people ahd the same idea. the first ride we went on was space mountain (we walked straight on). i wish i had something to eat before hand, came out of the ride with a slight headache. this is marisa and i on space mountain (that was supposed to be a peace sign)
marisa and i got mickey ears this trip.. yaay!
i also got mickey mouse pancakes for breakfast
i'm in front of storyteller ride.. i love this ride especially at night.. it is super cute.
weird group with bright blue shirts waiting in line for pirates of the caribbean

its a small world
marc and marisa (my pater and mater)
me and my mickey ears yaay! i think i'll bring them camping

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