bye bye oda san

friday the 13th was dinner for oda-san because she was returning to japan (permanently for her husband's job). i'll miss her cute ocean front apartment and leona-chan!

i thought that the dinner turned out well. it was the first time to see the uemura's. i avoided all things uemura clinic because it would be weird for me.

it was nice to be able to confront finally the former boss and wife, etc. etc. now its less weird when if i ever do run into them around town.

I posted this pic because i find it hilarious that only i am looking towards my camera. I also realized with this photo that i need to lose weight real bad. my face is looking pretty plump.

later that night i went to steve's work party. i was soo disspointed! no cute new boys(i sound like a she-whore)! it was soo bad i drunk dialed many people.. sorry to all! surprisingly i got a few drunk dials as well (clay and surprise surprise Brian). i dont' remember the extend of the calls but i do feel retarded making them.

i talked to clay and i told him i dont' feel like we are dating. he said that today was like a date (we did promenade and thai). i got to his house at 6:45 and he had to go to bed by 11 (well he is a teacher and leaves at 6:30 in the morn). i was craving for a coke so he said "if i give you the coke will you leave now?" haha. nice huh?

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